Lose Weight Travelling by Beating that Binge Due to Jet Jag

Have you ever observed that jet lag can make you very hungry as well as exhausted? Now scientists have an answer for the reason why you overeat when you are on vacation. When you travel the bacteria that is present in your belly decreases. New studies have discovered that the microbiome in your belly which is the group of bacteria that live within your body and is supposed to aid you with all of your issues from mood to digestion, lives under a schedule.

Lose Weight Travelling by Beating that Binge Due to Jet JagOnce you disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm you disrupt your flora of your gut. When the bacteria isn’t pleasant, nobody is pleasant. But is also causes you to gain weight.

This stands to reason why people who have their sleep cycles disrupted constantly or continually often times end up with obesity or other complications with your metabolism.

Hopefully this discovery might lead to a way to treat these problems in the future, whether they are medical or behavioral if they are trying to deal with crazy schedules. Treating these issues may help people with these problems stay healthy by trying to keep their microbiome healthy.

While you are trying, here are some things to try to diminish the symptoms caused by jet lag or other things that cause sleep cycles to be different from the norm.

1. Keep things simple. The primary thing that you might do to help yourself would be to keep things as easy as possible. Don’t do something that doesn’t need to be. Try to reschedule large meeting, don’t have any big parties, stay away from sugar and try not to eat large meals until the body can adjust to the local time zone. Your adjustment time is different for everyone for you should really know how your body reacts to the time zone changes. People react differently and can handle sleep deprivation better than others can.

Lose Weight Travelling by Beating that Binge Due to Jet Jag2. Drink lots of water. Drink as much water as you can so you can stay well hydrated while on the airplane. Don’t eat much and try to eat frequently so your digestive tract will keep moving and not be overtaxed. Try to take small naps. Also get your flu shot if it’s the proper time of the year.

3. Exercise may be the answer. Make sure you are ready for your trip by having an exercise routine in place so you will stick with it during your travels. Try to walk soon upon your arrival and hopefully take it outside where you can be exposed to light and hopefully the sun will be out. Ordinary sunlight may be the most important tools we may have to reset our clocks.

4. Think about taking probiotic supplements. This will fortify the immune system if you take them while you are on your trip. It might be good for traveler’s tummy. More research should be done to support this connection between jet lag and weight, but you may as well take the supplement because it won’t hurt and should most likely help.