Don’t Let Jet Lag Hurt Your Productivity

Here are a few ways you can try to handle the problems that jet lag gives you and still be productive when traveling across time zones.

Drink little bits of water frequently – The body has over 60% water. It is simple to become dehydrated due to the airplane air being dry and then when you are traveling across many time zones you are in the plane longer. To stay hydrated, you need adequate amounts of water all through the day. If you get dehydrated you may end up with messed up sleep patterns and headaches. They will usually last at least one day for every time zone that is crossed.

Don’t Let Jet Lag Hurt Your ProductivityWhen you do take water, try to take little amounts at a time but more frequently. Constantly drink small amounts of water throughout your flight. Don’t wait until the flight is over and then guzzle a whole bottle of water because that won’t help. Also if you drink so much water that you feel full, that isn’t good either and you may end up not eating properly which will only aggravate your jet lag.

Try to drink at least four ounces every hour that you are flying. If you are more regular, you will have an easier time flying across time zones.

You will also be more productive once you get there or you will recover quicker if you are consistent. The other thing that will happen is you will need to use the bathroom so you will get up which will make you stretch your legs a little.

  1. Bring food of your own on the flight – Always bring your own food with you on the plane including protein bars, Vitamin C powder, a salad, a sandwich, some mixed nuts, a couple bottles of water and some granola. Make sure you take along foods that are high in protein, low in carbs, and high in fat. This is called brain food and they will also fill you up plus an added bonus is that they taste good. If you are not hungry you will be able to concentrate on the vital things like getting ready for a meeting or trying to nap for a few minutes.If you bring your own food you will also be more relaxed because you will have good things to eat and you won’t have to worry about finding good things for you. If you make it easy to travel, you will be able to focus on what’s important. Don’t drink when you fly either and it is better not to drink while you are traveling especially if it is for business. Alcohol depresses you and that combined with jet lag will cause increased problems and decrease your productivity.
  2. Don’t Let Jet Lag Hurt Your ProductivityBe there early – Try to arrive at your destination earlier than you need to be there. If you can get there a couple days early that would be fantastic because your jet lag will most likely be gone before you need to be focused and productive. You may think it will be worse to spend more time in a far-away location but it really is best if you can relax for a few days before your time is needed for work or business. It may also give you extra time to plan for your meeting by creating your reports or taking care of other business so your mind is clear for the important things of the day.

Traveling long distances is usually necessary for many business people. If you plan on being successful, make sure you plan ahead and do what is necessary to make sure you can overcome your jet lag before you need to be productive, both mentally and physically, for your important meeting.