Here you can find a review of Melatonin Fast Dissolves Strawberry tablets by TriSob. You can use this product if you struggle with jet lack or experience sleeplessness caused by other factors (shift work for example). The tablets will regulate your circadian rhythm, which was interrupted by changing time zones or working during the night. If you are interested in this product, please, keep reading.




The only active ingredient is melatonin in a dosage of 10 mg per one capsule. The hormone is necessary to coordinate the body’s sleep cycle. Melatonin is secreted during the night and staying awake regularly and for a long time or long-distance travels can breach this process. Therefore the hormone has to be supplied to the body, in the form of tablets for example, to grant you with a good sleep.

Inactive ingredients: Dextrose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Crospovidone, Artificial Flavor (Strawberry), Beet Juice Color, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose.

The product is allergen-free, suitable for people who are allergic to: milk, eggs, gluten, fish, shellfish, nuts, tree nuts.


Take one tablet approx. 20 minutes before the bedtime. Put it on your tongue and let it resolve. It will ensure better results.

The TriSorb product is different than most of jet lag treatment capsules. It contains 10 mg of melatonin in one serve, what is a noticeable amount. What is more, it is provided with Fast Dissolve Mechanism which causes an immediate absorption of the hormone. The producer claims that the pill will dissolve in a few seconds after placing it on the tongue and melatonin will land directly in the bloodstream, without engaging gastric enzymes and awaiting the result.

To make the process more plausible, capsules are provided with strawberry flavor.

Side Effects

Any side-effects are not indexed on the label, although there is a long list of restrictions applying to the usage of the product. It is intended only for adults and not allowed to use in any other moment than prior to the bedtime. Driving, operating heavy machinery or drinking alcohol is forbidden, while taking the product. Also, the usage for a period longer than 2 months in a row in not advised.

People, having a medical condition or taking medications, as well as pregnant and nursing women should always contact the professional before the usage. If you have any doubts if the product is suitable for you, please contact the health care specialist.


Currently, the product costs $23.99 with the note that the previous price was $29.99. It means that there is a 20% discount ($6). This is the final price as Amazon granted the product with free-shipping.


The product is sold without the guarantee. Also, the fact that product has only one review might be worrying for many clients.


TriSorb Melatonin Fast Dissolves Tablets are a very convenient way to combat jet lag and similar issues. Its quick absorption, as well as plausible flavor, make it a great choice  for people disliking or having troubles swallowing. It is also very likely that the medicine works much faster than others, as it is served directly to the bloodstream. However, we cannot be 100% sure about it, as the number of reviews is very little. Also, a high dose of melatonin is not suitable for a vast group of people and requires a great attention while using it.

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