Jet Lag: What is it anyway?

It is a mental and chemical change that happens to the body from time changes of travel through different zones. Traveling through these zones throws off regular functions that are set to let the body function at a normal capacity. Things we take for granted become a nuisance to our everyday life.

What brings on jet lag?

Traveling long and far enough to put certain body functions out of whack. Chemicals in your brain fool your body to act, or react to time, light, and hunger at abnormal times. When these messages are given at the wrong times complications may occur mentally and physically. When most of us land our internal clock resets that we take our messages from. Most of us are usually back on track and focused in about two days.

Jet Lag: What is it anyway?Direction traveled has different effects on the body.
Depending on the direction traveled can be a positive or negative on the lag. When you travel in a direction that makes the day shorter it makes lying down and sleeping at night a lot easier. This is west to east. Going the opposite direction makes for a longer day. Getting used to functioning on longer schedule can create problems.

Traveling back on the clock averages about an hour and half for body to adjust. Moving forward on the clock takes about an hour to return to normal.

Negative reactions of jet lag

Conforming to the basic routines of the day may keep you from doing everyday events for that couple of recovering days. These reactions could make you look and act out of character. Energy could be at an all-time low for you to do even the easiest of things. The mindset you could fall into can cause strife between people in your regular connections. Explain your situation to your people you may come in contact with so they will understand any negative reactions.

Problems that lag may cause are;

Jet Lag: What is it anyway?1) Concentration may be clouded, confusion may show itself more than usual.

2) Feeling drawn out, and sleepy at inappropriate times.

3) Judgement may be impaired. Making simple things dangerous to you and others around you.

4) Not having the ability to sleep at all. Insomnia is no good when it is for any length of time.

5) The ability to focus on anything becomes a task. Walking around in a fog can have negative feedback.

6) Tossing and turning on those sleepless nights may make you edgy.

7) The more serious medical problems that come to light must be seen by doctor.

Remember, feeling ill and having physical problems can be caused by your general health, or flying itself. That is why a checkup is a smart move before making assessments about your health on your own. Jet lag is not serious, but if you do a lot of flying you should contact your doctor. They will give you all the professional advice you will need. They can also adjust any appointments you may have, so not to conflict with your travels.