This is a review of Life Extension Melatonin. The company that makes this product claims that it helps with keeping the body’s circadian cycle normal and it also allows us to fall asleep easier and faster, which is great if you have jet-lag problems or just have troubles with sleeping. Furthermore, it has great antioxidant properties, and, by the words of the manufacturer, this product maintains the health of our cells and it also regulates the system of regeneration. If you want to find out more about how this product works, what is the price of Life Extension Melatonin and if they offer discounts, we suggest that you keep on reading.



This product contains:

And inactive ingredients:

  • Rice flour
  • Gelatin


The prescribed dosage for a grown up is 1 capsule somewhere around 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed, or if your doctor tells you differently, then you should listen to him. Since this hormone is extracted during the night, from the pineal gland, for best results, it should be consumed at night.

Possible side effects

This product doesn’t have any recorded side effects, however, there are some reports that it can cause vivid dreams, but not every time. It should not be combined with alcohol, or taken if you are pregnant as well as breastfeeding, and it shouldn’t be taken if you have to drive or operate any machines. If you are using some medication or have a medical condition, be sure to ask your doctor if you can start using this product. As with any other supplement product, if by any chance this product causes some harmful effects, stop using it and contact your doctor.


If you check the official life extension website, you will see that the one bottle with 60 capsules of this product is offered for $8.00, but if you order 4 bottles, you will get  a 14% discount, and that means that in that case one bottle will cost you $6.88. Furthermore, if you register and become a member, you can get a 25% discount on a single bottle order and it will cost you $6.00, or for a 4 bottle order you will get a 35% discount, and it will cost you $5.16 per bottle. In our opinion, registering and buying a 4 pack offer is probably the best choice.


As far as the guarantee goes, the company has stated that if you are unsatisfied in any way with the product, you can return it up to 12 months after the purchase, and they can replace the product or give you your money back. However, they don’t say anything regarding the state of the product and if you can get your money back if the package is opened, and it is probably better to contact them before you decide to order anything.


Life Extension Melatonin looks like a great solution if you have jet-lag or any other sleeping disorder problems, and judging by all the many positive customer reviews, this product is effective, has no side effects and it is easy to use. However, the fact that the company hasn’t defined the guarantee, can maybe be a problem and raise some doubts regarding this product.

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