My review today is on a product called Melatonin Extract by a company called Whole Formulas. Whole Formulas claims that their product can help restore balance to your body’s circadian rhythms, commonly known as your internal clock, which regulates the waking and sleeping cycles among other things. Whole Formulas also claims that their product is completely natural, containing no GMO’s and is vegetarian friendly. To find out more about this melatonin supplement, continue reading the review below.



The following ingredients comprise Melatonin Extract by Whole Formulas.

Active Ingredient

  • Melatonin 3mg

Inactive Ingredients

  • Deionized Water
  • Vanilla and Raspberry Natural Flavors
  • Vegetable Glycerin


It should be noted that Melatonin Extract is intended for use by adults only. The dosing instructions say to take 30 drops of Melatonin Extract (equal to 1 ml) before you go to bed, approximately 30 minutes before you go to bed. If you need to during the night, repeat the dosage, but take care not to overdo it. Ensure you shake the bottle thoroughly before using.

Possible Side Effects

There is a potential that taking Melatonin Extract could cause drowsiness. Due to this possible side effect, you should not drive, drink alcohol, perform any type of dangerous task, or operate heavy machinery after taking Melatonin Extract. Additionally, if you are pregnant, nursing, under 18, have a medical condition, or are currently taking medication for a medical condition (especially depression), please consult with your doctor before taking Melatonin Extract.


Melatonin Extract by Whole Formulas comes in a bottle that contains two fluid ounces. When ordering directly from the manufacturer’s website, you can get a bottle of Melatonin Extract for $7.99. There is no evidence of bulk rate discounts or any type of subscription possibilities.


Despite thorough research, there does not appear to be any type of money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Product replacements or credits are possible if the product is damaged or returned unopened should you receive a product different from what you ordered. Other than that, there does not seem to be any other form of guarantee or return options. This is a bit concerning as it generally indicates a lack of manufacturer confidence. There is also a glaring lack of customer reviews. This does not mean that there is a complete absence of satisfied customers regarding this product, just that there have been no customers who have posted a review on the product.


Melatonin Extract by Whole Formulas is a pretty decent product as far as melatonin supplements go. On the pros side, it has a vanilla raspberry flavor which gives it an appealing taste. Another pro is the fact that the melatonin is in a liquid form, so the delivery goes faster than it would in a tablet or capsule form. On the downside, there is a lack of a guarantee, which does not instill confidence in the consumer. There is also a lack of consumer reviews, which gives potential consumers zero insight to the product.

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