This is a review of the Weleda Aurum 12x/Cardiodoron 30ml liquid product. The manufacturer claims that this product helps when it comes to jet lag problems caused by frequent long travels, as well as with sleep disorder problems caused by working in shifts. If you are looking for a solution for this kind of problem, and you are interested in this product, how it works and what it is made of, our suggestion is to continue reading this review.




1 g of this product contains:

  • Aurum met. praep. 12x, 500mg
  • Cardiodoron 500 mg in water/ethanol base. (1 g Cardiodoron contains: Digestion, equiv. fresh juice: Hyoscyamus Niger herb 4 mg, Onopordon Acanthium, flower 100 mg; Primula Veris, flower 100 mg)


The manufacturer recommended dosage is:

  • 5 drops for children under 7 years of age
  • 10 drops for children who are between 7 and 14 years of age
  • 15 drops for adult persons, 3 times daily, and at least 15 minutes before you have anything to eat.

For jet-lag problems, you should start using the product 2 days before the travel, and continue the recommended dosage 7 days after the travel. While traveling, you can use the product every two hours.

Possible side effects

There are no recorded side effects, and it’s pleasing to find near to no complaints in customer satisfaction reviews as well.  The manufacturer has stated that before you start using this product, and if you are taking some medication or have a medical condition, it would be best to first consult your doctor. Women who are pregnant or women who are breastfeeding should not use this product.


On the official company website, we found a price of $19.50 for a 30 ml bottle, and judging by the customer reviews, this is slightly above the average price for this kind of product.  If this product were able to boast a higher quality and much better results it may be worth the extra money but comparatively it seems rather equal to it’s competitors which means that you can find a less expensive product that is just as effective.


The money back policy of this company is actually bad, meaning that the company offers money back guarantee only if you receive the product you did not order, or if it is damaged in transport, and this only goes if you order from New Zealand, if you order from anywhere outside New Zealand, they don’t guarantee for anything.


The Weleda Aurum 12x/Cardiodoron 30 ml product seems like a good solution for jet-lag, and judging by all the positive customer reviews, it might be a good solution for you. It’s great that the dosage can be catered to age or weight without much worry.  The guarantee seems solid for those living in New Zealand but, if you don’t live in New Zealand, the company return policy gives the feeling that the product is just not worth the hassle, and that it might be a better solution to find a different company with better guarantee offer.

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