We kindly invite you to read the description of Dreamwell Melatonin Tablets, manufactured by Stop Aging Now. The product is engineered to combat sleep deprivation, caused by jet lag, as well, as other reasons. It ensures a relaxed sleep without breaks and lets you feel fully recovered in the morning. In the text below, we provide more information about the characteristics of the product.




Active ingredients:

  • Melatonin (3 mg) – brain hormone, regulating the sleep cycle. The producer assures that it is a high-quality, all-natural product, available as capsules with slow-release mechanism, what results in its optimal absorption throughout the whole night.
  • Calcium (63 mg) – relaxes the body, influences the REM phase of sleep cycle, what boost the quality of your night’s rest.


Take one capsule 30-60 minutes prior to the bedtime, it is also recommended to drink a full glass of water with it. One tablet contains 3 mg of melatonin what is a reasonable dose, similar to the most of jet lag treatment products. The thing which differentiates Dreamwell melatonin from others is the fact that it is released gradually during first 5 hours of the sleep, what ensures its safety and gives more optimum effect.


The producer claims that the medicine is a natural, non-habit forming product, hence  it comes with no risk of side effects or dependency. It is manufactured in the USA, in the FDA inspected facility, so it meets the stringent standards of this organization.

However, the usage of the product is still restricted. Nursing or pregnant women, people suffering from medical conditions or taking medications should consult the specialist prior to the usage.


The Amazon prepared a special deal for this product. You can purchase 2 containers for $29.90 what is $14.95 per bottle. It lets you save 17% in comparison to the single buy. What’s more, this is the final price, as the product will be shipped for free. This deal makes the purchase really profitable, as the price for one container is not higher than other let lag treatment products, which means that you can have a higher quality product for the cost of low quality one.


Dreamwell melatonin is a tax-free product and is provided in 356-day “any reason” guarantee. It means that you can return the product even after using  it and still receive a full refund. This is a very customer-oriented approach and makes the offer worth considering, despite the fact that there are only  2 reviews on the Amazon website.


Without any doubts, the guarantee, long-lasting and practically with no conditions, is the biggest asset of the product. It helps a hesitant customer to take a decision about the purchase without a single concern about the waste of money. Besides, this is a high quality medicine with natural and pure ingredients, as it is confirmed by the FDA. The attractive price deal allows you to try the high-end product paying no more than for an ordinary one. The only concern here might be actually the lack of reviews, but if we take into consideration that we can return inefficient product any time, we don’t lose anything trying it out.

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