This is a review of Peppermint Melatonin Tablets manufactured by Nutrition Now, which can be purchased on The product is designed for jet lag and night-day shifts adjustment. It supports the immune system, promoting its healthy response to difficulties followed by long flights, as well as supports cognition and alleviates symptoms of jet lag. Check out all important features of the product by reading the text below.




It contains melatonin, which is a hormone influencing the sleeping cycle in a dose of 500 mcg (0,5 mg) per one tablet.

Other ingredients:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugar
  • Dextrose
  • Mint flavor
  • Magnesium stearate

The product is free of wheat (gluten), diary products, nuts, soy‚ artificial colors‚ flavors or preservatives, hence it is not allergic.


The product is created in the form of chewing capsules with a tasty flavor. One capsule a day as a dietary supplement is recommended. The dosage in each pill is much lower than in usual melatonin products (3 Mg vs. 0,5 Mg) what is caused by the fact that the Nutrition Now product is designed for everyday use.

Side Effects

The Amazon description does not contain any information about serious side effects, although the producer warns the patients not to exceed the indicated dosage. It is not recommended to take a pill at all in the event of experiencing: asthma, depression, pregnancy or nursing. It is also not advisable to take the drug while using products containing Valerian or 5-HTP. Among possible mild side effects, drowsiness is mentioned. The product is not intended for persons under age of 18.


In the Amazon shop the product costs $4.96. The price seems very reasonable as it contains 100 tablets, hence it would be enough for a bit more than 3 months. Although, the same product costs much less in other internet stores (for example, at – $2.49 with the free shipping to US), so doing research on prices before the purchase is advisable.


Nutrition Now does not provide a guarantee for this particular product. Usually, it is a reason for concern, but in this case there is a calming factor – excellent reviews. The product’s rate reaches 4.6/5 stars, while clients praise mostly its taste and effectiveness and there are no complaints on the latter, so we might assume that the product really works.


The customer reviews of the peppermint melatonin are very encouraging, as there is no single serious complaint on the product’s usefulness. Also the form of chewable, flavored tablets is a good choice, it associates with eating sweets, therefore, is very plausible. Another advantage is a dosage of the hormone, which is small and won’t cause any side effects. The product is intended to be used every day for a long time, which allows it to regulate the sleep cycle in a very comprehensive manner. On the contrary, the product is not advised for many people, for example with depression or asthma. Also, the medicine seems to be sold in a variety of prices, hence its purchase requires doing research.

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