Welcome to a review of Jet Lag Relief Tablets produced by Naturo Pharm. The product is a remedy for disturbances of sleep connected to jet lag. It assists in a recovery from long distance travels, as well as restores the sleeping cycle. Read on if you want to get to know more about different features of the product.




Jet Lag Relief Tablets is a homeopathic product. It means that it is safe to use for people any age, also for children.

The active homeopathic ingredients are:

  • Aconite 60x,
  • Arnica 24x 60x,
  • Bellis Perennis 12c,
  • Chamomile 60x
  • Coffea Crud 24x


The producer recommends 2 pills per dose prior to the flight and every 2 hours during it (in case one doesn’t sleep) as well as after landing, if it’s required. The recommendation states also to suck capsules for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. It is advisable to use non-alcoholic refreshments during the flight as well as to do exercises what is supposed to boost the effectiveness of the medicine.

PLEASE NOTE: as the product is a homeopathic remedy, you should keep in mind that unlike other drugs, you should cease taking it when the symptoms of the jet lag start disappearing. If symptoms remain for a long time, despite taking the medicine or they worsen, one should immediately stop using the product and consult the doctor.

Side Effects

There is no information about the side effects. Considering the non-invasive nature of the drug, it is quite possible that none of such are likely to occur. Although, like it was mentioned before, the producer assumes the possibility of jet lag symptoms to worsen. In such a case there is a need of immediate healthcare specialist consultation.


The product is being sold for approx. $13.8. The price contains already a 13% discount, as the value of the medicine was estimated on $15.9. The cost is higher than in the case of many others jet lag remedies which are synthetic. As for the homeopathic treatment which are usually more costly, the indicated price seems reasonable.


There is no information about a guarantee related to this product. It raises a concern on the effectiveness of the remedy and will definitely not convince people who are reluctant to buy homeopathic products per se. In addition, the product has not earned any review so far, hence many potential clients can be discouraged to buy it.


The biggest advantage of the product is that it helps combating jet lag in a natural way, stimulating our bodies to work more efficiently. It does not contain any hormones or other invasive products and can be used by the whole family, even by children. The price of the medicine is reasonable and should not constitute a dilemma for an average client. On the other hand, the dosage is quite complicated, as one is obliged to take many pills at short intervals. The lack of  a guarantee and client reviews also raises a concern of its efficiency and will not gain the product many customers.

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