Thank you for being interested in our review of Melatonin Micro Sub-Lingual Sleep Aid Remedy produced by Saturn Supplements. The manufacturer claims that this product is ideal for people with sleeping problems. It is also supposed to serve as a jet lag remedy, reducing restlessness and insomnia. Keep reading to find out if we think this is an effective product that is worth purchasing.




This supplement contains 3 mg of Melatonin which is the key ingredient that fights the effects of jet lag and helps maintaining a normal circadian rhythm. The high concentration of this main ingredient surely places this supplement among the most effective ones. The inactive ingredients are:

  • Cellulose
  • Dextrose
  • Vegetable stearate
  • Silicon dioxide

This dietary supplement has all natural ingredients and is also suited for vegetarians.


The optimal dose of this dietary supplement is of one tablet which is supposed to be taken one hour before going to bed. The tablet must be placed under the tongue and let to dissolve. This is the recommended dosage exclusively for adults. The manufacturer has omitted to mention if the supplement is unsuited for children or if there is another dose that needs to be administered. More than that there are no additional explanations regarding inflight dosage or if this is at all recommended.

Possible Side Effects

Despite the high melatonin concentration in this product, the manufacturer does not offer any type of information regarding adverse reactions or side effects. Whereas in the case of other similar products there are clear warnings when it comes to over using or to using while pregnant or nursing, this supplement lacks such notifications. This is somewhat concerning as this lack of information may be interpreted as a sign that the product can be safely taken in any circumstances, which we doubt to be true.


A bottle of 60 tablets costs $9.99. There are also various discounts available. Registering on the manufacturer’s website ensures a 25% discount which means that the price of the supplement drops to $6.99. Customers can also use different vouchers and can receive additional discounts depending on how many items they purchase.


Sadly, the official product site does not offer any piece of information about a guarantee. After thorough research we have concluded that the manufacturer does not offer refunds to unsatisfied customers. More than that, the lack of a product review section can only lead to a series of questions regarding the quality and effectiveness of this supplement. However a customer care email address is provided for consumers who wish to voice their concerns.


The Melatonin Micro Sub-Lingual Sleep Aid Remedy product has the advantage of being relatively cheap. Apart from a low price it is also easy to use. But the missing warnings and vague dosage information are obvious downsides. Add this to a no refund policy and you can only draw the conclusion that this may not be the best solution for dealing with sleep problems generated by jet lag.

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