This is the review of Melatonin Tablets produced by Ocean Health company. According to the producer’s description, the product is specifically designed as a remedy for jet lag. It is supposed to alleviate the symptoms of this issue which are sleep deprivation and tiredness among others. For more information, please read the review below.




The Ocean Health Melatonin contains only one active ingredient, namely melatonin, which is a brain hormone regulating the sleep cycle.

The manufacturer puts the accent on the fact that it is a „pure melatonin”, hence there is no information about any others, even inactive ingredients.

It is highlighted though that the product is vegetarian and free of all common allergens, artificial colors or flavors, hormones and antibiotics.


The product is intended only for adults. The recommended daily dose is 1 pill half an hour before the bedtime or before the plane boarding in case of long flights causing jet lag. Your doctor can indicate another dosage, if so, you should follow the doctor’s instructions.

1 capsule of the medicine contains 3 mg of melatonin which is the most common dose, suggested by the vast majority of producers.

Side Effects

The producer does not indicate any side effects of the product, although melatonin can cause some, as it is known from other sources. Among them are: daytime sleepiness, headaches and dizziness, anxiety, irritability, depressed mood. Keep it in mind while using the product and in case you are affected by any of the above mentioned, cease the usage and contact your doctor immediately.


The client cannot find the price on the producer’s website, but in various on-line shops it reaches approx. $20 – 27. This makes the product very pricey, especially when we take into consideration that it contains 3 mg of the hormone, just like many other means in this kind, while they cost only a couple of dollars. What’s more, the product’s package contains only 60 capsules, while it is possible to find products having almost the same composition, but sufficient for twice more time and at least 3 times cheaper.


There is no information that the product has a guarantee of the producer. Considering the high price, it must be worrying for many potential customers. It is even more disturbing as there are no reviews of the drug, hence we cannot have any credible information on its efficiency.


There are no doubts that the Ocean Health’s product can be the right remedy for sleeping problems connected to jet lag. It contains pure melatonin in a dose high enough to feel its effect, but still low enough to ensure that the occurrence of side effects is unlikely. It is also vegetarian product, free from allergens and synthetic preservatives what makes it safe to use for a variety of people. The most serious downside is the price which is considerably higher compared to other jet lag treatment means. Also, acknowledging the lack of any reviews and guarantee of the producer, the product shipment might turn into a gamble.

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