This review is in regard to the Anti Jet Lag product manufactured by HCH Formulas. This homeopathic product is supposed to help fight jet lag, as it can balance the circadian rhythm after and during long flights. It is advertised as being able to help the body cope with irritability, dehydration, circulation and sleep disorders that may occur when changing the time zone. Read on to find out about the ingredients and proper dosage.




After thorough research we were unable to find the list of ingredients for this product. Needless to say, this raises a lot of concerns about what it actually contains. When it comes to ingredients the manufacturer only offers a couple of generic details. They only state that all the ingredients are natural and that they can not generate an addiction. An actual list of contents would have been much useful than this vague and very general description. The product may or may not be vegetarian, it may or may not contain gelatin, lactose or other problematic substances. So this dietary supplement would not be suited for people who are known to suffer from allergies or who have various dietary restrictions.


The recommended dose is one pump of spray under the tongue at two or three hour intervals during flight. The manufacturer does not mention if the product should start being taken before or after taking off. It does, however, recommend that the medicine should be taken for two or even three days after the flight if jet lag symptoms are still an issue. This product is even suited for children of all ages and for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Possible Side Effects

The producer claims that this formula has no known side effects and that the ingredient can not cause any type of chemical dependency.


The cost of a 25 ml bottle of Anti Jet-Lag is of $25. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not indicate to how many doses there are in the 25 ml bottle so it is pretty difficult to assess just how reasonable it is. We could say the product is somewhat affordable, but a price to quantity ratio is hard to establish. One other detail regarding the cost of this product is the fact that there are no available discounts.


After intense examination, the official product website revealed the fact that the producer offers a refund guarantee to unconvinced or unsatisfied customers. However, the only detail regarding the return of the product is that they need to be sent back with the original receipt at no more than a month from the purchase. When and how the customer gets the refund or if it is a full money back refund is not mentioned.


The fact that Anti Jet-Lag is made with exclusively natural ingredients is definitely a plus. Also, the fact that there are no side effects to this formula and that it can be safely taken by children is another upside. Unfortunately, buying a product without knowing its ingredients is definitely something we do not recommend. This and the vague refund policy, not to mention the unclear dosage instructions make us doubt this would be a wise purchase.

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