We invite you to read the review of Melatonin-3, made by Food Science of Vermont corporation. It is a dietary supplement which supports the relaxed sleep and it is perfect for alleviating effects of jet lag and other types of sleep disturbances or insomnia. It is also encouraged to be taken by women during a menopause, as it facilitates the release of female reproductive hormones. Be sure that you won’t miss more information about the product and read the review below.



The most important ingredient is melatonin. It is a brain hormone, very important for our sleep, as it influences the body’s circadian rhythm. It is exactly the lack of melatonin that prevents us from sleeping. Therefore, insomnia can be easily combated by adding more hormone to the body, for example, by taking melatonin pills.

The product is very basic, it has only two other ingredients and they are: rice flour and gelatin.


Take 1 tablet every 1-2 hours prior to the bedtime, or follow your doctor’s instructions. Melatonin overdose can evoke severe side-effects, therefore you should not exceed recommended dose under any circumstances, unless it is a clear instruction of the health care specialist.


The product’s label doesn’t list any possible side-effects. Probably it’s caused by the assumption that 3 mg of the hormone is not enough for them to occur, what is a true in the vast majority of cases. However, some people are more prone to side effects of melatonin than others, this is why the usage is restricted under several circumstances.

The label warns that the product should not be taken by people under 18, pregnant or lactating women, persons with kidney maladies or taking drugs containing cortisone.


At the time, the product is offered with an attractive price of $13.35. It has a 33% discount, as earlier it cost $20.00. The box contains 120 capsules, that is sufficient for a long time, up to 4 months, even if used daily.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any information about a guarantee provided for this product. It might be a little bit alarming, especially since the reviews of the product on Amazon.com are only a few and they are very peculiar. Only two clients decided to rate the product, one gave it 5 stars, while the other one, only 1 star. The first complemented its price and efficiency, while the second complained that the product hadn’t worked at all and admitted that other jet lag treatment products are more useful.


The Food Science of Vermont melatonin definitely has some upside points. It is relatively cheap, especially at the moment, while you can buy it with a discount. In addition, it doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients, just pure melatonin. Although, it seems like the product’s effect is very slow, what is an important detrimental factor. No one is willing to wait for the sleep for two hours after taking the drug. Probably this explains why one of the customers was so disappointed with the product.

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