This is going to be a review on JetFighter’s Sleep supplements. According to the manufacturer, this product is meant to provide relief for those who suffer from jet lag and its symptoms. It is also ideal for those who travel long distances on flights. This product is made in the United States and manufactured in a FDA approved facility. Please keep reading this review if you are wondering if this product is ideal for you and your jet lag needs.




Here are the list of ingredients for this product:

  • 100 mg Magnesium
  • 200 mg L-Theanine
  • 50 mg GABA
  • 50 mg Phellodendron Root
  • 50 mg Mucuna Pruiens Extract
  • 25 mg 5-HTP
  • 1 mg Melatonin


The recommended dosage for this product is 1 capsule, 1 or 2 times before bed with a full 8 ounce glass of water unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Possible Side Effects

The company cautions you should not exceed what it recommends as a dosage. This is not for women who are pregnant or nursing, children under 18, those who are currently taking anti-depressants or other prescription medication, or for individuals with a preexisting medical condition. You should not drive or operate heavy machinery when taking this supplement. This product is also manufactured in a facility that also handles and processes products made with soy, wheat, milk, peanuts, nuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish.


The retail listing price for this product is $34.99; however, the authorized seller of this product is offering it at $19.99, a 43 percent savings. Besides the discounted price, there is no discount for an auto-ship or renewal option. There is currently  no website for the manufacturer.


The company states they offer a full money back guarantee for 30 days. This means you can try this product risk free for 30 days without any worry about losing your money. It should be stated the company states this product works best in conjunction with another one of their products. So you may not get optimal results unless you use both together, making this product not as ideal for those who want a one stop shop for their jet lag and sleep support needs.

As far as consumer reviews, most are generally positive, stating this product did help to alleviate symptoms of jet lag. There were a few which stated this product did nothing for them and they still had sleepless nights.


JetFighter’s Sleep supplements seems to be a great product. The price is reasonable, the reviews seems to be more positive than negative, and there is a guarantee. It should be noted that while the company does provide a guarantee, it does emphasize this product should be taken with another one of their supplements, which can be off-putting for a customer. Also, while the reviews are generally positive, you will need to ultimately try this product out for yourself to see if it really works for you and your jet lag needs. Overall this seems like a solid product; however, we think there may be better products to address your jet leg symptoms.

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