The Perfect Jet Lag Diet

Is it possible to fly across the country and be able to handle the different time zones? Can you have your body and brain set for the new time zone?

When you need to feel great and not be worried about the change in the time, you need to know how to eat and drink the right foods. That way you can kill that meeting with a new client, enjoy you vacation, or just feel well whenever you fly.The Perfect Jet Lag Diet

Tens of thousands of people have tried this diet and almost every one found it to be highly effective. After years of research, a working system has been developed that reset your body’s rhythms. When the body’s circadian rhythms are messed up and not in sync with the environment around you, the symptoms of jet lag occur.

This temporary physical and mental dysfunction occurs and your body can’t adjust quickly enough. The plan is designed to help your body make abrupt shifts in its cycles to prepare for the departure. When you are traveling over multiple time zones, it may be necessary to utilize the plan for longer to help your body adjust to the huge change.

To determine how many days you will need to utilize this diet, you need to know how many time zones you will be crossing. For example, for trips within the United States, you should only need to use the diet for two days. However, if you plan on traveling out of the country, you will need to utilize the plan for four days.

The plan alternates the times that you eat and the times that you fast. It works like this:

  • The Perfect Jet Lag DietFind when breakfast time is at your destination and then begin your diet for the allotted amount of days before you arrive. Caffeinated drinks or alcohol should only be drank between three and five. Eat all meals at their regular time. On the first day eat a diet that includes a breakfast and lunch high in protein and a dinner high in carbohydrates.
  • Day two’s diet should include light meals that don’t include lots of fats, calories, and carbohydrates.
  • On the third day, repeat the diet of your first day.
  • On the departure day and the fourth day, you will fast again. Be sure to only consume caffeinated beverages between 6 pm and 11 pm if traveling eastward and in the morning if travelling westward. Avoid drinking alcohol on the plane.
  • Have a breakfast that is high in protein at the breakfast time of your destination. If you take a nap before breakfast and then eat all of your meals on schedule.

These tips will give your body the ability to effectively modify its sleep cycle and help you avoid the symptoms of jet lag.