You are reading a review of The Organic Pharmacy Homeopathic Arnica Cocculus 30 c Jet Lag. The Organic Pharmacy company claims that their homeopathic product offers help to people with jet-lag problems. The product itself, when consumed, is an effective, gentle and a safe form of medicine, since it is made of a combination of natural ingredients which are all used for various conditions. If you are interested in this product, and want to find out more about the ingredients, we suggest that you keep on reading this review.




This product contains the following ingredients:

  • Arnica (Arnica Montana): Is a flower that has been used for many years as a homeopathic remedy for all types of physical trauma, especially the ones that affected the muscles. It has anti-inflammatory effects and stimulates the white blood cells to dissolve the congested blood.
  • Cocculus: Berries from this plant can be used for travel sickness, nausea and insomnia. In a combination with Arnica, It is particularly effective when it comes to jet-lag problems.
  • Rye Alcohol: This Alcohol is made from Rye, and it is organic, pure, and it doesn’t dry or irritate the skin.

Inactive ingredients:

  • Sucrose: This is basically sugar in its purest form, and it is used to carry the homeopathic ingredients in a form of a pill.


The manufacturer has recommended that  1 pill should be sucked, about one hour before the flight, and during the flight you should take 1 pill on every 4 hours, and 1 after the flight. The product is supposed to be taken 15 after the meal or if you had anything to drink.

Possible side effects

There are no recorded side effects of this product, however, the customer reviews are rare, but all the reviews we found were positive and no one was complaining about any kind of side effects.


On the company website, we have managed to find the price of $19.93 for a 14 g bottle. This is an acceptable price if the product does what the manufacturer claims.


The Organic Pharmacy company offers  a money back guarantee if you are for some reason, not satisfied with the product, and you can claim your money back if the product is returned to them no more than 7 days after the purchase. They will not give you your money back if the product is returned opened or without its original package, and if it is damaged. In our opinion, the return time is short, and the policy of not accepting the opened product makes the guarantee practically useless, and raises concerns regarding the effectiveness of the product.


The great thing about the The Organic Pharmacy Homeopathic Arnica Cocculus 30 c Jet Lag product is that it is made of natural ingredients, and if the manufacturer’s claims are true, it could be your solution for jet-lag problems. On the other hand, the lack of the customer reviews makes you wonder if the pills really work, and backing up that concern is their not so great guarantee offer.

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