Tips for Kicking Jet Lag’s Butt

Our body has different rhythms for different things during one day such as sleeping and eating. If you are experiencing symptoms of jet lag, these rhythms can get seriously out of sync. Jet lag occurs when you travel across many time zones rapidly which will cause major changes in our body. You may experience symptoms of indigestion, extreme fatigue, along with appetite changes, bowel problems, concentration and memory issues and a general feeling of malaise.

Traveling to the west makes jet lag easier than traveling to the east. Going east makes your body think it should be sleeping when it is awake. Studies have shown that is usually takes a whole day for each time zone we cross for our body to adjust to these changes.

Here are 14 tips you should consider if you are going to travel over multiple time zones.

Tips for Kicking Jet Lag's Butt1. If you are a person with a rigid schedule you need to change your eating and sleeping habits prior to traveling. Try to be more flexible a few weeks before your expected date of departure.

2. Do not attempt to stay awake all night so you will sleep on the plane. This will actually make the symptoms much worse so make sure you are well rested before you fly.

3. Slowly begin to adjust your habits to be closer to the times at your destination.

4. Try to schedule your plane times so you arrive at your destination during the day so you will feel like staying awake.

5. Use layovers to further adjust your body to the new time changes.

6. Do not drink alcohol while flying. It will cause your body to dehydrate and will make you more tired. You also may end up with a hangover on top of jet lag symptoms once you arrive.

7. If you must schedule your flight for a night time arrival, don’t drink beverages with caffeine during flight so you will be ready to sleep once you get to your destination. This way you can adjust to your new time zone quicker.

8. Don’t take medication for sleep if you can help it. They won’t reduce the symptoms of jet lag and they will make you feel depressed and logy once you arrive.

Tips for Kicking Jet Lag's Butt9. Set your clocks and watches to your new destination time once you arrive at the airport. This will begin to mentally prepare you for your new time zone.

10. Try to exercise as quickly upon arrival as you can. The more you move, the quicker you will reduce symptoms of jet lag. It is better to do this outside in the sunshine as well.

11. Try to eat your normal meals at the times of your new destination a few days before you leave for your trip. This may mean eating breakfast in the middle of the night. Anything you can do to make your body adjust to your new time zone will ease your symptoms of jet lag.

12. Get as much sunshine or daylight as possible. It will release hormones to allow you to adjust quicker to your new time zone changes.

13. During flight, make sure you get up and move around. Get your blood flowing so you can increase your endorphins. You may have to some jumping in the bathroom if you don’t want to be seen but do whatever you have to do to move your body during flight.

14. Try to sleep as much as you normally do once you get to your destination. That may mean taking a short nap the first few days until you adjust to your new time zone.

15. Don’t drink alcohol during your flight or before you plan on flying.