Jet Lag with Exhaustion can make you Vomit

During a press conference in Switzerland a Myanmar Nobel Prize Winner was unable to finish her speech within just 30 minutes from the introduction. The reason is that she felt sick and was unable to continue due to a bout of extreme nausea. Minutes later Suu Kyi was vomiting and she was led backstage to receive medical attention. It appears that fatigue was the reason but it also seems jet lag has a hand in this unfortunate event.

Jet Lag and Fatigue, a Dangerous CombinationJet Lag with Exhaustion can make you Vomit

Is it possible for a mixture of fatigue and a significant time zone difference cause a person to feel nauseous and dizzy? Yes, it is possible for this to happen especially if the individual is not used to the change in climate or is under a huge amount of stress. If all factors fall into place then you might find your meal right back outside your body pretty soon once you have landed.

Exhaustion itself is the biggest factor in all of this. Fatigue can cause numerous symptoms such as headaches, shaking, muscle pains, higher blood pressure and lack of focus.

While the body might adapt to these symptoms the addition of jet lag could be the final nail that would exacerbate the condition and cause more symptoms to develop like stomach aches.

Fatigue causes two systems within the body to go into overdrive. Unfortunately, these two systems are complete opposites from each other and might cause some unwanted side effects. The two systems here are known as the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Sympathetic Nervous System – This system is triggered as in the same way adrenaline is released to the body. It puts our body into high alert mode which tenses up our muscles.

Parasympathetic Nervous System – This on the other hand acts as a relaxant which will cause salivation and relaxed bowels.

Jet Lag with Exhaustion can make you VomitWhichever of these two are more active during a moment of extreme fatigue will cause you to experience stomach ache and nausea which could lead to vomiting as well.

Connection between Fatigue and Jet Lag – Cases

There are many known cases wherein exhaustion and jet lag has been directly connected to nausea and vomiting. Athletes, for example, who will compete in different time zones, are known to suffer from jet lag, nausea and vomiting. It is not uncommon to find an athlete after a long flight with their face in the sink unable to hold in their meal. However, doctors have said that if you experience a bout of fatigue and jet lag which led to vomiting it does not mean that it will be a regular experience that you will have to go through every time.


There are several ways for a person to prevent the symptoms of exhaustion. Having adequate sleep, keeping hydrated and ensuring that you are comfortable are all effective solutions to stopping fatigue from rearing its head. For jet lag, people can use sleeping medications or melatonin supplements to help dampen the effect of jet lag significantly.