Pine Bark Cuts Jet Lag in Half

When it comes to traveling internationally there is one concern to be had: jet lag. Jet lag happens when you travel to a significantly different time zone than what you were used to that your body starts reacting negatively. Symptoms of jet lag include sleeplessness, dizziness, stomachache, nausea and vomiting. This can be quite an annoyance when you are on vacation as you are basically out of commission for a couple of days wasting what should have been a couple of fun days.

Fortunately, recent research studies have shown that the maritime pine tree has components that can cure jet lag or lessen the effects of symptoms by a wide margin.

French Maritime Pine Bark Extracts

Pine Bark Cuts Jet Lag in HalfPycnogenol or pine bark extracts are revealed in a study to have some benefits when it comes to dampening the effects of jet lag symptoms. Studies yielded positive results when it comes to pine bark’s effects on reducing nausea, fatigue and insomnia. It also proved to be safe for people with high blood pressure. Several individuals who tested pine bark extract also claims to experience lower levels of leg edema.

Jet lag is a temporary condition where the body is still trying to retune its internal clock when subjected to a different time zone. This duration of re-adjustment manifests in the form of jet lag and this can be debilitating. Not only does it affect the person physically, it also affects them emotionally and mentally making them easily aggravated.

Research Studies are Showing Promise

Pine Bark Cuts Jet Lag in HalfSo how does the Pine Bark Extract actually treat jet lag? Researchers believe that it is due to the substance naturally high antioxidant capability and its ability to help increase blood circulation within the body.

In a study done with 100 subjects, doctors gave passengers of a long duration flight (9 hours) 50mg of pycnogenol 3 times every day for a week which began 2 days before their travel. At the end of the 9 hour flight researchers discovered that all passengers reported a huge decrease of jet lag symptoms like dizziness, vomiting and insomnia.

Everyone who took the pine bark extract supplement reported a far more comfortable experience during the flight and claimed that they were able to rest easily. This is a huge jump forward in treating jet lag as pycnogenol appears to be quite effective and safe.

Final Thoughts

Jet lag can be quite an annoyance and the problem here is that no one is immune to this condition. However, there are several natural remedies that can be done in order to prevent or stop jet lag symptoms from developing. Methods such as exercising and taking melatonin supplements are all effective and now we can also include pine bark extract into the list of possible jet lag cures.

Jet lag should not be taken lightly as it can ruin your vacation completely. Take all necessary precautions in order to avoid this debilitating condition. Pine bark extract is showing huge potential in this area which is great news for constant travelers.